Uses of Plastic Tray Products

Plastic baking and drying trays are mainly used for drying food and baking in baking machines. Of course, they can also be used for freezing seafood or frozen food, and have a wide range of uses.


6 reasons to choose us:

-Injection molding: good air permeability, strong bearing capacity, not easy to deform, hollow and non-slip, thick and durable;

-Details: rounded corners, thickened corners, rounded and smooth, multi-channel reinforced design, overall firm and durable, not easy to deform;

-Mesh design: good breathability, protect the cargo, let the cargo be ventilated and breathable, and can be reused;

– Reinforcing rib design: The peripheral reinforcing rib design has the good bearing capacity, is not easy to deform, and is durable;

-Smooth and round The surface is carefully polished, smooth without barbs, with strong product stability and good protection performance;

– Bottom design: The bottom is thickened and the re-test reinforcement design is adopted, which can well enhance the load-bearing of the chassis and has a non-slip effect.

This product is made of low-pressure high-density polypropylene (PP) by one-time injection molding, with good gloss, good hand feeling and long service life.

Good skid resistance: The bottom of the tray adopts various anti-skid designs such as square reinforcing ribs, and the cold storage tray can run smoothly on the assembly line.

Flatness: When the plastic trays in the cold storage are used to store items, the temperature should be kept at about 40 °C. When used horizontally, the ground will be tilted to cause dumping; in addition, the trays can be stacked in layers, and the number of layers of plastic trays in the cold storage should be determined according to the weight of each tray. , should not be too high, otherwise, the tray at the bottom will become soft, thus affecting the service life of the plastic tray.

Several sizes are available to meet the different needs of the customers.

Product view about the plastic trays:

The second type is our newly launched type, with removable legs, they can save a part of the volume to reduce the shipping cost.

plastic tray
plastic tray

Show you the packing of the plastic trays:

Stacking together, wrapping films, and stacking them on the pallets.

plastic trays
plastic trays

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