fine mist sprayer

20/410 Fine Mist Sprayer

Fine Mist Sprayer Features:

– No sprayer head will last forever, but ours is designed to maximize its lifespan to protection for the piston assembly to prevent damage during use and storage.

– The built-in filter/strainer on the dip tube prevents large particles from clogging the nozzle.

– Manufactured to most solvents and chemicals.

-Use our sprayer with a bottle for cleaning, travel, paint, essential oils, perfume, and anything else by your discovery.

– Buy sprayers with our professional, The bottles tight threading prohibits any leaking, the spring-loaded button ensures sufficient liquid to be sprayed in a fine mist and provides comfortable use.


Fine Mist Spray for Optimal Coverage

Ideal for Facial Mists, Setting Sprays, Essences

Hair Mists and Fragrance

5 possible spray heads, 9 overlaps, 21 neck sizes, and 36 different closure styles

Low MOQs

Available Gold and Silver Finish

Brief introduction:

The product we supply includes a crimp pump/trigger sprayer/mini trigger/lotion pump/fine mist sprayer/perfume bottle/nail pump. All the sprayer and pump facilities in the cosmetic packing industry. Each kind of product has many types different in color, shape, material. So as our customer, you can easily choose the one you want. Besides, we are also glad to produce these newly designed type by you or we can do both designs and produce according to your requirements. If you do interest in our products, Pls contact. The samples will be free!

You may want to know: What is mist sprayer?

Mists are essential oils mixed with water. These can be sprayed on the body for fragrance and benefits. It is also ideal to get refreshed and revitalize the skin throughout the day. Some oils provide excellent natural disinfecting or insect-repelling effects.

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