plastic collapsible storage bin basket

Plastic Collapsible Storage Bin Basket

Qiming plastic collapsible storage bin basket raw materials are PP and PE. (100% food-grade raw material is not a raw material for recycling) Non-toxic and tasteless No pollution to the environment can be recycled and reused.

plastic collapsible storage bin basket

Qiming plastic collapsible storage basket has the following advantages:

  1. The narrow bars on both sides of the rectangle have handles for easy access, the thickened frame design is not easy to deform during handling.
  2. The long columns on both sides of the rectangle have label insertion slots, it is convenient to mark and identify the types of goods. The customer’s LOGO (screen printing) can be sprayed on the frame or card slot.
  3. The buckle design around can be folded, saving space and freight. The folding baskets can be stacked and placed after folding. The bottom staggered rib design and the edge stacking card slot design make the folding baskets difficult to slip after stacking.
  4. The bottom has a geometric pattern design of ribs, which is both firm and beautiful. Increase bearing capacity.
  5. The folding basket has vent holes to facilitate air circulation and moisture leaching.
  6. Rounded corners without burrs to prevent puncture or cut your hands
  7. The vertical board is designed with vertical 90 degrees from top to bottom, which ensures the largest space capacity.
collapsible plastic basket
collapsible plastic basket

 In Qiming company, the plastic collapsible storage bin basket can be customized in different colors and different models, the size as follows:

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Plastic collapsible storage bin basket is widely used in the storage of vegetables, fruits, seafood, poultry eggs, bread with packaging, etc. It is also used in factory production lines to use finished and semi-finished products. Transfer and transportation of poultry on the farm.

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