These three things you need to pay attention to when choosing glue cans

In life, glue is often used to stick some things. Generally speaking, the amount of glue is not very large, and after the glue is opened, it will solidify if it is not used for a long time. This time I will introduce you to how to make glue, come and see.

Method 1: Add baking soda to the prepared container.

Squeeze toothpaste into a container and add a few drops of dish soap to it.

Stir with chopsticks until it becomes a thick paste.

Method 2: Use the QQ sugar that children eat, heat, and melt it can also be made into glue.

Method 3: Add a spoonful of sugar to the flour, add a little water, and mix the flour and sugar evenly.

Method 4: If it is only used for sticking paper, you can directly cook the batter with flour and water.

Method 5: Shred the foam, burn it to melt, and use it quickly.

glue tin  cans
glue tin cans

So how to choose a good container to hold glue? The following introduces a useful container tinplate glue can:

glue tin cans

Volume: 100g-1000g optional

Accessories: with lid, with a brush, or with a cotton ball

Material: tinplate

Surface: smooth, glossy silver

Packing: high-quality carton packaging

Adhesives, marble glue, universal adhesive tinplate cans

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Here’s how to clean glue tin cans:

1. Soak in hot water for a while, then you can remove the glue.

2. Wipe it with air essential oil, the glue will fall off after a while, try it out.

3. You can try an eraser. But at the beginning, you may feel that the more you wipe, the dirtier it is, but if you wipe it for a longer time, you will see the effect. This method is more tiring and requires perseverance.

4. Soak it in water, put a little detergent, and then brush it with an old toothbrush.

5. Wipe with a cloth dipped in alcohol or Erguotou. The heater is baked on top, the sticker is easy to peel off, and there is no trace left.

Adhesives, marble glue, universal adhesive tinplate cans

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