Metal Tab Seal Caps

Metal tab seal caps:

It is stamped from high-quality tinplate, and the sealant is cast in the cover.

Metal tab seal cap Specifications:

200-liter oil drums are universal, the cover diameter is: a large mouth 70mm-small mouth 35mm thickness is 0.22mm

Metal Barrel Seal tinplate drum cap seals for 200 liter steel drum

Metal tab seal cap Features:

It has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting and strong confidentiality, and is easy to operate. The surface of the sealing cover is multi-colored, and the trademark pattern can be printed on the cover according to customer requirements.

Metal tab seal cap use:

The 200L oil drum sealing cover (oil drum anti-theft cover) is suitable for the international general 200 liter (53 gallon) large-capacity oil drum. It is very practical in many packaging applications such as barrel making, irrigation, lubricating oil, chemical industry, petroleum, grain and oil.

The lid of the iron oil drum is too tight, how to open it?

Metal Barrel Seal tinplate drum cap seals for 200 liter steel drum

All steel drums, iron drums, plastic drums, ton drums, kiloliter drums or other containers may be damaged during long-term transportation and use, resulting in leakage. Need to prevent disasters before they happen. Put these oil drums that store oil, chemicals, and hazardous chemicals on the spill tray, spill platform, IBC spill tray.

The leaking tray, leaking platform and anti-leakage platform have the characteristics of the sturdy structure, forklift operation, non-slip, and suitability. When a leak occurs, all the leaking liquid will automatically flow into the tray or platform along the tray or platform grille. In the leak area, it will not flow to the ground, corridors or passages. Both the drain tray and the drain platform have drain plugs.

Metal Drum Cap Seals
Metal Drum Cap Seals

1. If the oil drum is to be placed outdoors, it must be ensured that rainwater does not enter. In the above secondary containment measures, wrapping the leakage tray, leakage platform and IBC leakage tray with waterproof rain cloth can achieve the purpose of preventing rainwater, sun protection and preventing insects and birds from entering the wrapping container.

2. The fixed open-air storage yard must meet the requirements of relevant regulations such as “Code for Fire Protection of Architectural Design”.

3. Items that may explode, burn, decompose and deteriorate after exposure to water and moisture, exposure to sunlight and dust pollution are not allowed to be stored in the open air for a long time.

4. A stacking platform should be set up in the open-air yard, and its height from the ground should not be less than 0.3m.

5. There should be no less than 3m passages between stacks.

6. There are open drainage ditches or dark ditches around the yard, and there are protective fences

7.The setting of the stacking platform should also follow the principle of conflicting with each other and different fire extinguishing methods and not mixing them.

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