Open-Head Plastic Pails & Buckets

Open-head plastic pails and buckets are ubiquitous in various industries, from food and beverage to construction and chemical manufacturing. Known for their durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, these containers are essential for safely storing and transporting a wide range of materials. This article delves into the characteristics, applications, and advantages of open-head plastic pails and buckets, highlighting their indispensable role in modern industry.

plastic drums
plastic drums

Characteristics of Open-Head Plastic Pails & Buckets

Open-head plastic pails, also known as open-top or open-mouth buckets, feature a removable lid allowing easy access to the contents. They are typically made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP), known for their strength and chemical resistance. Some of the key characteristics include:

  1. Material Strength: HDPE and PP provide excellent durability, making the pails resistant to impacts, chemicals, and UV radiation.
  2. Variety of Sizes: These pails come in various sizes, commonly ranging from 1 gallon to 7 gallons, to accommodate different needs.
  3. Ease of Access: The removable lid allows for quick filling, inspection, and dispensing of contents.
  4. Tamper-Evident Features: Many pails are designed with tamper-evident lids to ensure the integrity of the contents during transport and storage.
  5. Reusability and Recyclability: HDPE and PP are recyclable materials, making these pails an environmentally friendly option.

Applications Across Industries

Open-head plastic pails and buckets are used in numerous industries for their versatility and reliability. Some common applications include:

Food and Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, these pails store and transport various products such as syrups, sauces, and dry goods. Their food-grade quality ensures that the contents remain safe and uncontaminated.


Chemical manufacturers rely on open-head plastic pails to store and transport a variety of chemicals, including hazardous materials. The chemical resistance of HDPE and PP makes them ideal for this purpose.


Construction sites utilize these pails for holding and transporting materials like paint, adhesives, and sealants. Their durability ensures that they can withstand the rough conditions of construction environments.


Farmers and agricultural businesses use these pails for storing feed, seeds, and fertilizers. The pails’ ability to protect contents from moisture and pests is particularly beneficial in this sector.

Consumer Goods

Open-head plastic pails are also common in the consumer goods sector, used for products such as detergents, cleaning agents, and other household items.

Advantages of Open-Head Plastic Pails & Buckets

The widespread use of open-head plastic pails and buckets can be attributed to several key advantages:

  1. Durability: Their robust construction ensures long-term use, even in harsh environments.
  2. Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications across different industries.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Affordable initial cost and long lifespan make them a cost-effective choice.
  4. Safety: Tamper-evident and secure sealing options ensure the safety and integrity of contents.
  5. Ease of Use: Easy to fill, access, and clean, enhancing operational efficiency.
  6. Environmental Benefits: Recyclable materials contribute to sustainability efforts.

Open-head plastic pails and buckets are an essential component in the operations of many industries. Their combination of strength, versatility, and cost-effectiveness makes them a preferred choice for storing and transporting a diverse range of materials. As industries continue to evolve, these reliable containers will undoubtedly remain a fundamental part of the supply chain, ensuring safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

By understanding the unique features and advantages of open-head plastic pails and buckets, businesses can make informed decisions about their storage and transportation needs, contributing to improved operational performance and environmental responsibility.

Qiming Packaging specializes in the production of plastic packaging. At Qiming Packaging we offer a range of Plastic Drums&Barrel plastic open-top and tight-head drums, pails, and kegs from 30 liters to 220 liters. If you don’t see the drum you need on our website, please get in touch as we can still find a solution for you.We look forward to working with you. Or write an email directly to   We assure you that any inquiry on our products will arouse our attention soon. Or you chat online with us, we are here 24 H *7  D at your full disposal.

Lid Gasket for IBC Tote Lids

The IBC tank tote is mainly used as the packaging container of chemical raw materials and semi-liquid commodities. It can meet the packaging needs and achieve reasonable packaging effectively. 

Keep your IBC tanks leakproof and sanitary with the help of our gaskets! We offer lid gaskets that are suitable for either food or non-food-grade stainless steel or carbon steel tanks, with a variety of different materials available. Shop and compare all our IBC tank and tote accessories!

These are all replacement gaskets for IBC tank lids. This 22-1/2″ diameter gasket is made out of durable EPDM which is UV, weather, and abrasion resistant and can be used with a wide variety of different chemicals. It has a 3/4 overlap profile and is a multi-seal design gasket. This gasket is recommended for use with IBC tanks used in non-food grade applications.

IBC Screw Lids is a necessary part of the tote. We have 6 inches and 9 inches in black, white, and red.

Here are the details of the tank lid. We can accept customized services. It has a fast delivery IBC Tote Lid Cover IBC Tank Lids Water Liquid Storage Plastic Cover Lid Cap Adaptor with Gasket for Chemical Medicine Food and Other Industries Storage. Here are two types: One is a vented type and the other is a non-vented type.

IBC Tank Fittings
IBC Tank Fittings
IBC Top Screw Lids
IBC Top Screw Lids

Tangshan Qiming Trade Co., Ltd. 

known as “Qiming Packaging”, Qiming Packaging is a professional engaged in the research, development, sale, and service of packaging and printing products. 

Our factory owns professional injection equipment and blister equipment and has tooled 108 kinds of molds to cater to different customer preferences.

qiming packaing tin cans

What are the different uses for each tin?

What are the different uses for each tin? Tin cans, whether left plain, painted, or decorated in fresh paper, can make great lampshades, nightlights, and more. You may choose to leave the can whole (maybe you want to use a can with a vintage label as a hanging lamp over the table?) or you might pierce or cut it to create a decorative pattern.

Peter Durand, a British merchant, received the first patent for the idea of preserving food using tin cans. The patent was granted on August 25, 1810, by King George III of England.

What are the different types of food tin cans?

Tin cans for food packaging come in different forms. There are the most common cylindrical cans, square cans, and rectangular cans. Manufacturers use all kinds of tin cans for food packaging. But aside from shape, size, and form, tin cans are categorized into two main types: two-piece tin cans and three-piece tin cans.

What was the tin can used for?

By 1813 they were producing their first tin canned goods for the Royal Navy. By 1820, tin canisters or cans were being used for gunpowder, seeds, and turpentine. Early tin cans were sealed by soldering with a tin–lead alloy, which could lead to lead poisoning.

Are tin cans still used today?

Of course, tin is only the traditional way to make cans. Many cans today are made of aluminum or different types of treat metal, as long as that metal can be formed into the can shape and is resistant to corrosion and rust.2018

What is the difference between tin and aluminum cans?

Aluminum cans are less sturdy than tin-plated steel cans. This explains why aluminum is preferred for beverages, which you generally only store for short-term purposes, while tin-plated steel is preferred for foods, which you may be storing for multiple years.

Interesting ways to reuse tin cans

qiming packaing tin cans
different uses for each tin

In Qiming packaging company, you can finds many different kinds of tin cans in food grade or non-food grade. If you have any interest, feel free to send us inquiry.


What are the different types of IBC connectors?

To choose the correct IBC connectors for your IBC tank, you will need to know:

The thread type and gender (i.e. male or female) of the outlet of your IBC tank.

The type and gender of connection you need to attach to your IBC tank


Qiming packaging company stocks a massive range of quality IBC fittings for just about any purpose. We’ve created this guide to help you quickly find and purchase the IBC fittings you need.

Thread types for the IBC adapter inlet

Each IBC tank will have an outlet valve, and any IBC fitting will need the matching thread type, defined as:





What is a BSP connection?

BSP (British Standard Pipe) is a technical standard for screw threads and it is a very common type of thread. Many of the connections and pipes used to link two or more IBCs together will use BSP threads, as will many taps. It’s a widely used international standard, which is why our IBC to BSP adapters come in a range of sizes, e.g. from 1/2 inch up to 2 inches.

So how do you find out the outlet of your IBC container?

IBC containers can have different types of fittings. The most standard fitting is the IBC threads or buttress threads, it is a larger courser thread and they come in a few sizes but your IBC container could also have a BSP thread or a DIN thread.

How to find the correct thread on your IBC tank?

Measure the outside diameter of the IBC opening.

Measure the distance between the thread from peak to peak (on the thread).

You will find one of the following threads:

IBC valve: S60 x 6 Buttress /DN50

Diameter outlet: 60mm

Thread tape distance: 6mm

IBC valve: S100 x 8 Buttress

Diameter outlet: 100mm

Thread tape distance: 8mm

If you are still left with any questions, please contact our team(Qiming packaging) and tell us your requirements. We will help you find the right IBC adapter.


Plain Drum Seals (With & Without PVC liner)

Drum seals are also called: Barrel caps, barrel caps seals, barrel seals, bung seals, drum caps, drum cap seals, fuel drum seals, metal drum caps, steel drum caps, drum cap seal supplier manufacturers, and fuel drum seal caps.

Specifications of our Steel (metal) Cap Seals :

– Made from tinplate & tin-free steel of 0.22-0.36mm thickness for optimum sealing result.

– Top surface is white, colored, or with your company logo.

– Inner surface is lacquered to avoid corrosion.

– Inner edge has a PVC gasket for better contact with the flange.

– Ears and scored lines ensure that the cap seal has to be destroyed before removal.

Logo Printed Cap Seal Manufacturer

Metal Cap Seal for 210 liter / 55 gallon Drums :

— 2″ (50 mm) plug-cap seal outer diameter 70 mm

— 3/4″ (19mm) plug-cap seal outer diameter 35 mm

Metal Barrel Seal tinplate drum cap seals for 200 liter steel drum

Custom Cap Seals :

— Any other size as per your requirement.

— Get the cap seals with your company logo and name printed.

Low MOQ:

–The MOQ is 1000 sets if you want logo printing.

–Samples are for free.


–Strong Carton+woven bags

–Fast delivery

Qiming group is a manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Drum cap seals. These are manufactured as per the specification of the client.

We are manufacturing variants of drum cap seals one is printed and the other is plain.We can make Alibaba assurance orders with a quick reply in 1 hour. With us, your money is safe, your business is safe.

We export worldwide to the following countries :

USA, Australia, Singapore, Europe, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Ireland, Spain, Guatemala, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Myanmar, Bolivia, Hungary, Costa Rica, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Nicaragua, Bulgaria, Egypt, Srilanka, Panama, Bahrain, France, Kenya, Zambia, Argentina, Greenland, Switzerland, Lebanon, Kuwait, Uganda, South Africa, Jordan, Latvia, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Chile, Poland, Czech Republic, UAE, Turkey, Seychelles, Mauritius, American Samoa, Tanzania, Greece, Russia, Papua New Guinea, Estonia, Thailand, Romania, Canada, Denmark, Peru, Cook Islands, Sudan, Bangladesh, Austria, Slovenia, Nigeria, Gambia, Cyprus, Madagascar, Israel, Uruguay. Ecuador, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Suriname, Belgium, Lithuania, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Ukraine, Fiji, Qatar, Malawi, Oman, Mozambique, Netherlands, China, Morocco, Malta, and Vanuatu.

Tangshan Qiming Trade Co., Ltd. 

known as “Qiming Packaging”, Qiming Packaging is a professional engaged in the research, development, sale, and service of packaging and printing products. 

Our factory owns professional injection equipment and blister equipment and has tooled 108 kinds of molds to cater to different customer preferences.

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Is there any difference between food-grade bucket and an ordinary bucket?

Plastic buckets can be used to hold items, and can also be used to hold food. For the plastic barrels containing items, the main considerations are their quality, whether it is durable, and whether they can maintain the performance of the items. For food-grade plastic barrels, the requirements are even stricter, and they must be safe and non-toxic.

Due to the relatively high cost of food-grade plastics, in order to reduce costs, many manufacturers will wash and granulate some recycled plastics, and then mix them into food-grade plastic raw materials to reduce costs. But these recycled plastics release toxic substances at high temperatures. After these poisonous substances enter the human body with food, they may cause many diseases, and the consequences are very serious.

The main difference between food-grade plastics and ordinary plastics in use is that food-grade plastics will not dissolve harmful substances such as heavy metals under normal conditions and high temperatures, while ordinary plastics will dissolve harmful substances at room temperature or high temperatures, which will cause harm to human health.

The plastic products we use every day are closely related to our life and health. Therefore, when purchasing and using food-grade plastic buckets, how should we distinguish whether the plastic buckets are food-grade? The following suggestions can help you distinguish food-grade plastic buckets from ordinary plastic buckets at a low cost:

  1. Before confirming the purchase order, you can ask the seller for the food-grade certification report or food-grade inspection report of the plastic bucket. If the test report shows that the product complies with international food safety standards, then we can buy it with confidence.
  2. Before using the purchased plastic bucket, carefully observe the appearance of the plastic bucket, whether the surface is clean, free of variegated colors, and whether there is any peculiar smell. The appearance is pure and free of variegation and has no peculiar smell, which meets the requirements of food-grade plastic buckets.

3. The surface of some purchased plastic barrels looks smooth and odorless, but it does not completely mean that the raw materials are 100% pure raw materials. If it is not a pure raw material, after the plastic bucket is filled with food, it will produce a strong odor when it is heated during the high-temperature sterilization process. Therefore, before buying plastic buckets in large quantities, customers can ask for some samples for high-temperature anti-virus testing. If the product has no peculiar smell during the test, then the raw material of the plastic bucket is qualified food-grade plastic.

rectangle buckets
rectangle buckets

Common food-grade plastics include PE, PP, and PET.

PE, the full name of polyethylene, is a high molecular organic compound formed by the additional polymerization of ethylene. It is recognized as the best material in contact with food in the world. Its biggest feature is non-toxic, tasteless, and odorless, which meets the hygienic standards of food packaging. It is also a commonly used food-grade raw material in our factory. Qiming Packaging is a professional plastic container manufacturer with fully automated plastic product production equipment and a mature plastic injection mold production line, which can produce food-grade and non-food-grade plastic containers to meet customer needs in different markets. We have also accumulated a large number of customers. With high-quality products, high-quality services, and years of foreign trade export experience, we have won the trust of many customers. Our products are also exported to many countries in North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, and Southeast Asia.

If you are interested in our plastic buckets, you can visit our website ( or contact us directly by email ( We can provide free samples, accept small orders, and food-grade test reports so that you can rest assured to buy and use.

peel off cover

Peel off lid

The Easy-Peel off the lid, also known as the easy-open lid, is a lid with a pull ring for sealing cans, which belongs to metal packaging products. The Easy-Peel off lid is used to seal and open the can. It is defined as a cover that is pre-engraved with a certain depth of score line and riveted with a pull ring. It can be safely torn along the scoreline when it is opened.

Easy-Peel off the lid production process

An easy-tear lid is a form of metal packaging, which has the characteristics of high airtightness and certain pressure resistance and is mainly used for food packaging. The basic material is tinplate or aluminum, which is formed after punching, stretching, and rolling to achieve the purpose of being safe and not hurting hands after opening. Covered with ultra-high temperature sterilization-resistant metal composite film or composite plastic film, it feels beautiful and easy to open after embossing.

qiming group peel off lids
qiming group peel off lids

The following is a brief introduction to the production process of the Easy-Peel off lid.

1. Send the formed base cap to the easy-peel off lid production equipment. The basic production process for lids is the same as that for metal can lids. The basic lid is stamped, has a countersink, the rounded edge of the can, and is injected with glue.

2. Punch a hole in the middle of the formed base cover, and punch the O-shaped easy-tearable cover into a round hole; the D-shaped tear-off cover is punched out of the D-shaped hole.

3. Crimp the edge of the hole in the middle of the cover toward the outer diameter direction, and the crimping direction is the inner side of the basic cover so that there are no burrs and gaps on the edge of the hole.

4. To seal the aluminum foil, apply the embossed aluminum foil to the lid by heat sealing and seal the hole.

5. Embossing, pressing the pattern on the aluminum foil is not only beautiful but also increases the strength of the aluminum foil.

6. Testing and packaging, online detection of each easy-peel off the lid to check its tightness, and qualified products are automatically packaged.

Common types of easy-peel off lids

At present, the common ones include dry powder, boiled, breathable easy-tear caps with one-way valves, and personalized transparent and printed easy-peel-off lids of various sizes, with O-shaped or D-shaped inner rings, round or square outer rings, etc.


Dry powder is easy to tear off the cap, and there is no high-temperature sterilization process. Widely used in canned food such as milk powder and snack food.

-Easy-peel-off lids are easy to be boiled, with the characteristics of a high-temperature sterilization process. It is used in canned food such as stewed meat and luncheon meat.

-The one-way breathable easy-peel-off lid is a one-way pressure relief valve embedded in the cover. It is used in the packaging of fermented foods such as canned coffee.

-Transparent easy-peel-off lids, consumers can see the food in the jar, and high-temperature sterilization, such as UV resistance, waterproof, anti-oxidation, and other barrier properties.


-The printed easy-peel-off lid is to pre-print various exquisite patterns on the required composite film on the easy-peel-off cover and complete it through the standard film punching process on the corresponding cover production equipment.

As an excellent supplier of food packaging products in China, Qiming Packaging provides high-quality easy-peel-off lids, easy-open lids, and metal packaging cans. If you are interested, you can visit our website ( ) to get more product information and get preferential prices. 49mm/53mm/57mm/62mm/65mm/73mm/83mm/99mm/126mm/153mm, various sizes can be selected.

If you are interested in us, contact us now to get more detail!

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Qiming Oval plastic bucke

Oval Bucket Plastic

Buckets are one of the most popular containers around. They are designed to be tall with a big mouth opening and, in most cases, they are built with a handle. The primary goal of a bucket is to conveniently store and bring items from one place to another. However, not all buckets are created equally. Some buckets are made with materials that are sensitive when it comes in contact with other items while other buckets need constant maintenance so they won’t break, Qiming Group was established in 2012 that specialized in producing 0.5L to 20L in numerous specifications and colors of pail packs . Plastic Buckets as a whole have revolutionized the image of the bucket. They have risen to become more than just storage units. They have become a toy, a reliable tool for all occasions, and also a great way to save costs.

Oval Plastic Bucket
Oval Bucket Plastic

We are specialized in plastic packaging and change every kind of plastic material, complete administration, and one-stop production for our product, including plastic buckets, plastic covers, plastic handles, iron handles, molding production, screen plate creation, silk printing, thermal transfer, IML, etc.

Oval Bucket Plastic

Our buckets are with 100% new virgin material which is strong enough, our plastic buckets have passed SGS, FDA, IFGB, and CE certifications. Food Grade Plastic Bucket is very convenient for food packing, like milk, yogurt, honey, ice cream, popcorn, nut, etc.

Oval plastic bucket
Oval plastic bucket

These oval barrel series are offered in 6 different capacities. It was especially for the small volume which to suitable for liquid and chemical products. The oval plastic bucket is a lightweight, simple working indoor space that is smaller and more efficient. It is very easy to stack and move when needed for transportation. It has good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, and other chemicals, and its chemical stability is even better than gold. The high specific strength also is the obvious characteristic of the oval bucket, which can provide more different shapes, and be helpful to our daily life’s convenience.

If you are interested in us, contact us now to get more detail!

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plastic plugs

What size of plug is in a 55 gallon drum?

Standard drums can have different 55 gallon drum plug types. Usually, drums will have two different openings. (or bungs)  One of them is always going to be a fine thread which in North America is 2″ NPS. (National Pipe Straight) In addition, the drum will always have a second bung which will either be large or small. If this secondary bung is large it is most likely a 63 mm buttress. technical details here. However it is often mistakenly called a 2-inch Buttress, but this is an inaccuracy.  In any case, both of these threads are straight (not tapered like the NPT) and therefore they use an o-ring to provide a liquid-tight seal. If the second bung is small in diameter, it is almost certainly a 3/4 inch NPS thread in North America.

Buttress threads come in many different sizes around the world, and each container manufacturer seems to favor its own particular thread pitch and depth. Narrowing this to the chemical drum industry in North America, the 63 mm size is the most common. Occasionally this is also called a 2″ Buttress but this is an imprecise description. A nice feature of the Buttress plug is that it threads in place after only 3 turns or so.  Also, the Buttress threads are much coarser than NPS and will never get stripped. Finally, because the threads are so coarse, it is easier to start the thread engagement than with a fine thread like the 2-inch NPS. 

plastic plugs
55 gallon drum plug

Drum Plugs Bungs

 Plastic and metal drum plugs (bungs) and caps

Manufacturer and exporter of a complete range of drum plugs, cap-seals, and crimping tools compatible with drums (barrels) of all brands. 

Custom Design: We also design and manufacture cap-seals, plugs, and tools for drums, cans, and any container as per customer requirements.

Worldwide door delivery.

Also available :

– Round-head steel drum plugs

– Drum plug gasket for metal and plastic plugs: Nitrile, EPDM, Silicone, and Viton

– Plastic and metal caps for bottles, cans, jars, and other containers

If you are interested in us, contact us now to get more detail!

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Metal Tab Seal Caps

Metal tab seal caps:

It is stamped from high-quality tinplate, and the sealant is cast in the cover.

Metal tab seal cap Specifications:

200-liter oil drums are universal, the cover diameter is: a large mouth 70mm-small mouth 35mm thickness is 0.22mm

Metal Barrel Seal tinplate drum cap seals for 200 liter steel drum

Metal tab seal cap Features:

It has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting and strong confidentiality, and is easy to operate. The surface of the sealing cover is multi-colored, and the trademark pattern can be printed on the cover according to customer requirements.

Metal tab seal cap use:

The 200L oil drum sealing cover (oil drum anti-theft cover) is suitable for the international general 200 liter (53 gallon) large-capacity oil drum. It is very practical in many packaging applications such as barrel making, irrigation, lubricating oil, chemical industry, petroleum, grain and oil.

The lid of the iron oil drum is too tight, how to open it?

Metal Barrel Seal tinplate drum cap seals for 200 liter steel drum

All steel drums, iron drums, plastic drums, ton drums, kiloliter drums or other containers may be damaged during long-term transportation and use, resulting in leakage. Need to prevent disasters before they happen. Put these oil drums that store oil, chemicals, and hazardous chemicals on the spill tray, spill platform, IBC spill tray.

The leaking tray, leaking platform and anti-leakage platform have the characteristics of the sturdy structure, forklift operation, non-slip, and suitability. When a leak occurs, all the leaking liquid will automatically flow into the tray or platform along the tray or platform grille. In the leak area, it will not flow to the ground, corridors or passages. Both the drain tray and the drain platform have drain plugs.

Metal Drum Cap Seals
Metal Drum Cap Seals

1. If the oil drum is to be placed outdoors, it must be ensured that rainwater does not enter. In the above secondary containment measures, wrapping the leakage tray, leakage platform and IBC leakage tray with waterproof rain cloth can achieve the purpose of preventing rainwater, sun protection and preventing insects and birds from entering the wrapping container.

2. The fixed open-air storage yard must meet the requirements of relevant regulations such as “Code for Fire Protection of Architectural Design”.

3. Items that may explode, burn, decompose and deteriorate after exposure to water and moisture, exposure to sunlight and dust pollution are not allowed to be stored in the open air for a long time.

4. A stacking platform should be set up in the open-air yard, and its height from the ground should not be less than 0.3m.

5. There should be no less than 3m passages between stacks.

6. There are open drainage ditches or dark ditches around the yard, and there are protective fences

7.The setting of the stacking platform should also follow the principle of conflicting with each other and different fire extinguishing methods and not mixing them.

Logo Printed Cap Seal Manufacturer

Qiming Packaging is a professional manufacturer specializing in 200L drum fittings such as metal drum cap seals, plastic plugs, metal closures, crimping tools, and plastic cap seals, etc. If you are interested, contact us today for a prompt answer now. We’d love to work with you together.