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Peel off lid

The Easy-Peel off the lid, also known as the easy-open lid, is a lid with a pull ring for sealing cans, which belongs to metal packaging products. The Easy-Peel off lid is used to seal and open the can. It is defined as a cover that is pre-engraved with a certain depth of score line and riveted with a pull ring. It can be safely torn along the scoreline when it is opened.

Easy-Peel off the lid production process

An easy-tear lid is a form of metal packaging, which has the characteristics of high airtightness and certain pressure resistance and is mainly used for food packaging. The basic material is tinplate or aluminum, which is formed after punching, stretching, and rolling to achieve the purpose of being safe and not hurting hands after opening. Covered with ultra-high temperature sterilization-resistant metal composite film or composite plastic film, it feels beautiful and easy to open after embossing.

qiming group peel off lids
qiming group peel off lids

The following is a brief introduction to the production process of the Easy-Peel off lid.

1. Send the formed base cap to the easy-peel off lid production equipment. The basic production process for lids is the same as that for metal can lids. The basic lid is stamped, has a countersink, the rounded edge of the can, and is injected with glue.

2. Punch a hole in the middle of the formed base cover, and punch the O-shaped easy-tearable cover into a round hole; the D-shaped tear-off cover is punched out of the D-shaped hole.

3. Crimp the edge of the hole in the middle of the cover toward the outer diameter direction, and the crimping direction is the inner side of the basic cover so that there are no burrs and gaps on the edge of the hole.

4. To seal the aluminum foil, apply the embossed aluminum foil to the lid by heat sealing and seal the hole.

5. Embossing, pressing the pattern on the aluminum foil is not only beautiful but also increases the strength of the aluminum foil.

6. Testing and packaging, online detection of each easy-peel off the lid to check its tightness, and qualified products are automatically packaged.

Common types of easy-peel off lids

At present, the common ones include dry powder, boiled, breathable easy-tear caps with one-way valves, and personalized transparent and printed easy-peel-off lids of various sizes, with O-shaped or D-shaped inner rings, round or square outer rings, etc.


Dry powder is easy to tear off the cap, and there is no high-temperature sterilization process. Widely used in canned food such as milk powder and snack food.

-Easy-peel-off lids are easy to be boiled, with the characteristics of a high-temperature sterilization process. It is used in canned food such as stewed meat and luncheon meat.

-The one-way breathable easy-peel-off lid is a one-way pressure relief valve embedded in the cover. It is used in the packaging of fermented foods such as canned coffee.

-Transparent easy-peel-off lids, consumers can see the food in the jar, and high-temperature sterilization, such as UV resistance, waterproof, anti-oxidation, and other barrier properties.


-The printed easy-peel-off lid is to pre-print various exquisite patterns on the required composite film on the easy-peel-off cover and complete it through the standard film punching process on the corresponding cover production equipment.

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