Cannabis Sealed Tins

100ml cannabis sealed tins are the perfect size for storing 3.5g of dried flower. To seal the tin you simply push the base plate (bottom of the tin) into the body of the can firmly until you feel it click into place. To open, you pull the ring pull and can reseal the can by using the plastic cap provided with the cannabis sealed tins. No tools needed for these Tins. FREE samples are available for quality check.

  • Application of cannabis sealed tins

These self-sealing tins are great for things that need to be stored and/or preserved.

Things such as Dry Flowers, Dry food, Confectionary, Nuts, Confetti, Socks, Limited edition products. Generally, it’s considered good for 3.5g of dry flowers. Whilst the fluid capacity is 100ml.

Note: These tins can’t be used to store fluids.

  • Specification of cannabis sealed tins

1. Product Name: Cannabis Sealed Tins

2. Material: Tinplate

3. Size: 73mm*23mm/73*58mm/66mm*40mm/66mm*27mm

4. Weight: 24.3g (body+bottom)

5. Capacity: 100ml

6. Samples: Provided freely

7. Customized Service: Labels/Stickers

8. Type: 3 pieces of tin cans

9. Feature: No sealing machine

10. Packaging application: herb, leaves, weeds, food and so on.

11. Product Packaging: 390 pieces one carton

12. DDP terms available, you do not apply for import rights, and we will take care of import and export clearance jobs.

We also offer the 2 pieces of food tin cans or bowls for food, snacks, candies, ice-cream, desserts and so on. If you are interested in them, kindly contact us without hesitation, we will respond to you in 12 hours.

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Different sizes are available, this is the size list for your reference:


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