Cannabis Tuna Tins

Cannabis Tuna Tins are very popular in European and American markets. It is 3 pieces of a food-grade tin can. One set includes 1 base and 1 body and 1 plastic lid。

No tools required! Just push in the bottom. They have a ring pull to open the tin after sealing.

These self-sealing tins are great for things that need to be stored and/or preserved.

Things such as Dry Flowers, Dry food, Confectionary, Nuts, Confetti, Socks, Limited edition products. Generally, it’s considered good for 3.5g of dry flowers. Whilst the fluid capacity is 100ml.

Note: These tins can’t be used to store fluids

Cannabis maintains its freshness for months longer than plastic bags. Canning your flower keeps smell hidden & means there are many strains to choose from since each canned contains 3.5 grams & stays fresh extremely longer. The dispensary can carry more stock and a wider variety of strains.

Key features:

– Self-sealing – No tools required, just push in the bottom.

– Keeps inside products fresh for up to 3 years.

– Improve your products’ freshness and sustainability.

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