Drum Closures Steel Bung Cap Plug

Industrial Drum Plugs And Bungs In Metal Or Plastic

Qiming Packaging offers a wide variety of Industrial Drum Plugs And Bungs In Metal Or Plastic, such as plastic drum plugs, drum closures, and 200-liter barrel accessories, including plastic drum cap seals, metal drum cap seals, and drum cap seal crimping tools. Qiming Packaging drum cap seals are printable with your own logo, Likewise, our drum plugs and bungs offer reliable, cost-effective security for all of your steel drums. If you are interested in us, contact us now!

plastic drum bung plug
Drum Closures Steel Bung Cap Plug

Qiming Packaging has two types of drum bungs, which are plastic drum plugs and tinplate drum closures. Next, let’s see these plugs and bungs together.

1. Plastic drum plugs and bungs

plastic drum bung plug
plastic drum bung plug

Size : 70mm, 60mm, 55mm (2 inch, 3/4 inch).

Material: Plastic (PP, PE).

Feature: Relieve over-pressure; Protect your flammable liquids; Offer strong, reliable protection for your goods when providing pressure relief in case of fire incident.

Be available with various gaskets to meet specific properties.

Matched Gasket :PolyEthylene/ Ethylene-Propensity-DinnedMonomer/Buna/Rubber/Black Nitrile/EDPM

NPS/NPT or Buttress Thread with or without vented breath hole.

Qiming drum bungs drum plugs technical data
Size D D1 H b d all screw size standard
G2 Plug 61.2±0.3 56.0±0.3 15.4±0.3 3.0±03 G2 GB/T7307-2001
G3/4 Plug 28.2±0.3 22.9±0.3 13.6±0.3 30.±0.3 G3/4 GB/T7307-2001
All the unit in millimetre (mm)-Free Samples available for quality checking

2. Metal drum plugs and bungs

Drum Closures Steel Bung Cap Plug
Drum Closures Steel Bung Cap Plug

Drum Bungs

* 2”&3/4” Drum Bungs(Drum Plugs) Specification

* Size:2 inch and 3/4 inch

* Material:Steel /Cold Rolled (CR) Carbon Steel

* Matched Sets:with any 2 inch flange

* Surface Finish :Zinc Plated/Galvanized (Trivalent chromium,Six chromium) ,Painting.

* Shape:Round/Circle

* Test carried out:Torque test,Leakage test

Drum Flanges

* 2”&3/4” Drum Flanges Specification

* Size: 2 inch&3/4 inch (G2 & G3/4)

* Material :Steel /Hot Rolled (HR) Carbon Steel

* Matched sets:with any 2 inch drum bungs(drum plugs)

* Shape:Octagon

* Test carried out :Curling test

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