How to Get Cheap Drum Closure Of High Quality?

As we all know, the steel drum sealer is used on the 200L/55-gallon steel drum to keep the steel drum sealed. Many customers worry about quality when buying the closed period, so this article will tell you how to choose a high-quality steel drum closure.

Generally, the size of steel drum closures are 2 inch drum plug ,3/4 inch drum plug ,2 inch drum flange,3/4 inch drum flange, four gaskets,So before you choose the steel drum closures, you should pay attention to the following points.

First of all, whether the quality and size of the raw materials during the sealing period are standard, which will affect the role of the sealer during the reuse process. If the raw materials are not too good, the size is not so standard. This will lead to a series of problems such as leakage.

Size2 inch and 3/4 inch
FunctionWater proof and theft-proof
ApplicationMainly used for 55 gallon and 200L oil drums, protect against pilferage or substitution of drums’ contents.
Surface Finish Zinc Plated/Galvanized or vainished 

Secondly, there must be good airtightness. As a manufacturer specializing in the production of 200L/55 gallon steel drum closures, Qiming has been engaged in the production of this product for ten years. With this rich production experience, the professional production line can ensure the quality and quantity of the product and meet the international standards. It is a trustworthy, Reliable supplier.

Also, surface treatment, Its surface is generally Zinc Plated/Galvanized and Lacquered, These kinds of surface treatments are the most common and the best. Doing so can waterproof, prevent rust and prolong the service life.

Finally, buy from reliable manufacturers. Choosing a reliable manufacturer will make you feel more at ease about the product and no longer have to worry about the future. 

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