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Qiming Packaging Technique background of lotion pump wholesale:

The lotion pump wholesale in life mainly absorbs the lotion inside the lotion bottle and sprays the corresponding lotion to the parts that the human body needs to spray.

Announcement No. CN2038892474U, a Chinese patent, an emulsion pump, including a push head, a locking cover, a screw cover, a pump body, and a suction pipe, an annular flange is provided on the upper end of the pump body, and the screw cover is along the longitudinal axis of the pump body Set on the upper end of the pump body from top to bottom, the lock cover is clamped and snapped on the upper end of the pump body to restrict the screw outer cover to rotate between the lock cover and the annular flange. The pump body also includes a cylinder assembly, a spring and a ball, the column The body assembly includes a main column, a piston, and an auxiliary column, and the lock cover and the pressing head are respectively provided with mutually matched internal and external threads.

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Although the utility model prevents makeup and toiletries from being accidentally squeezed out, causing waste and polluting the external environment, the structure is simple, easy to use, and has high practicality, but when people use the emulsion pump because the emulsion pump is sprayed The emulsion is often sprayed to the same location, resulting in a particularly large amount of application at this location, it is difficult to evenly distribute the emulsion in a certain area, and there is room for improvement.

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