How To Choose High-quality Round Plastic Buckets

What material is good for the plastic bucket? When we pickle and store food, we must choose high-quality plastic buckets to ensure food safety. How can we choose the right plastic bucket? Learn these 5 tips and never have to worry about choosing the wrong plastic bucket in the future!

plastic packaging
plastic packaging

1. What is the best material for plastic buckets

The materials used in the production of plastic buckets are diverse, and there is a big gap between the materials of plastic barrels for different purposes. The properties of different materials are also different, such as corrosion resistance, freezing resistance, easy cleaning, anti-static, anti-oil, light-proof, good sealing, and high-cost performance, etc. Therefore, the quality of the material depends on the specific purpose.

At present, there are two main categories of plastic buckets used for food contact materials on the market.

1) Impact-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

This material can be used in three processes: injection molding, blow molding, and rotational molding.

The portable barrel produced by the injection molding process is convenient for the transportation of drinking water, food, tableware, and chopsticks in the canteen, catering, and other industries.

Packaging plastic buckets and chemical plastic buckets produced by the blow molding process. It can be used to store and transport various disinfectants, detergents, honey, syrup, bean paste, and oil.

The rotomolding process produces storage tank buckets, dosing buckets, and chemical pickling barrels. It can be used for various food storage and pickling, chemical liquid storage and sewage and wastewater treatment, etc.

Rotomolding process plastic buckets use HDPE materials, which require specified materials, which are more expensive to produce and have a wider range of chemical resistance.

2) Imported low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)

LLDPE is a relatively common material for pickling plastic buckets. It is also called beef tendon material with good toughness and long service life. It is the most popular material for many families and enterprises.

This material is produced and processed by rotational molding technology and is integrally formed, and it is not easy to leak. It has good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion and is very suitable for pickling, brewing, and cleaning food.

Round Plastic Buckets

2. Tips for choosing plastic buckets

In order to avoid errors when choosing plastic buckets. We have compiled some small coups here, hoping to help everyone.

1) Food contact inspection

If the plastic bucket needs to be in direct contact with food, its production materials need to be issued by the manufacturer with a material inspection report to confirm that it is a food material before it can be used.

Here we recommend that everyone choose food plastic buckets, try to choose white so that you can know at a glance whether it is new material production and processing.

Round Plastic Buckets

2) See instructions for chemical resistance

If it is a plastic bucket that stores chemical liquids, when we choose, we must pay attention to the performance description of the plastic bucket to make sure that the plastic bucket is resistant to chemicals.

round buckets
round buckets

3) Low temperature and high temperature to be customized

If it is a plastic bucket used in a low temperature or high-temperature environment, it needs to be customized thickened or refrigerated resistant. Generally speaking, ordinary models may not meet the performance, or the life span is longer than thicker models.

Round Plastic Buckets

4) Keep away from light for outdoor storage

Some plastic buckets stored outdoors for a long time may need to be made black to avoid light. Some special chemical liquids also need to be stored in black containers, so that the effect of avoiding light is better.


5) Product performance needs to be tested

For the different properties of plastic barrels such as corrosion resistance, storage capacity, sealing performance, multi-layer stacking, and handle load-bearing, reasonable tests can be carried out to detect the use performance of plastic buckets.

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