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Plastic protective caps are often referred to as plastic cap, this product is mainly manufactured by  raw plastic materials, the main function of the caps is to protect the important parts of the steel tube joint, flange joint, etc.It will not be easy to knock against. The biggest characteristic is long service life and not artificially persecution easily.The biggest advantages of the raw material is waterproof, grease proof,and anti-corrosion.

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The main raw material of plastic pipe caps is plastic. Plastic is a kind of synthetic polymer material with plasticity. Together with synthetic rubber and synthetic fiber, it forms three indispensable synthetic materials for daily life. Specifically, plastic is a synthetic resin as the main component. in a certain temperature and pressure conditions can be molded into a certain shape, at room temperature it can maintain the shape of the same material.

Flange Protectors & Pipe Protection Products Plastic Pipe End Caps

Qiming packaging End Cap For Plastic Pipe adopt LDPE material. Complete sizes are available. It has many good features: durable, good ductility, high temperature, and low-temperature resistance, The feature of Internal plug protection: The plug-in plastic pipe end cap is a form of protection which can also make the pipe inside the formation of a closed space, conducive to the protection of pipe.

The choice of plastic cap and cap molding mainly depends on the type of plastic, whether it is thermoplastic or Thermos setting. Also depends on the starting form and the shape and size of the product. The commonly used methods for processing thermoplastics are extrusion, injection molding, calendering, blow molding and thermal molding, etc.

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