pipe end cap

Pipe End Cap Plastic

Pipe End Cap Plastic

1.What is the purpose of pipe end cap plastic?

Fittings installed on the external thread of the pipe end to cover the pipe. It is used to close the pipeline, the function is the same as that of the pipe plug, which is dustproof, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant. It has strong corrosion resistance, cold resistance, and electrical insulation, and the plasticity of the plastic itself makes the cap have a strong mechanical strength bearing capacity, strong sealing, good chemical stability, lightweight, good heat insulation, sound insulation, shock resistance, and high specific strength.

2.Advantages of pipe end cap plastic

   Plastic is a material that uses synthetic resin as the main component. It can be molded into a certain shape under a certain temperature and pressure, and it can maintain the shape without changing when it is turned to room temperature. Compared with other materials, pipe end cap plastic have their own unique performance advantages.

  • 1)Wide distribution of mechanical strength.The unique characteristics of plastic materials in terms of hardness, tensile strength, impact strength, elongation, etc.It can be applied to many fields, and the application range is broad. The performance of the plastic is also stable and durable.
  • 2)Good insulation performance. Plastic materials are poor conductors of electricity, and their surface resistance is very high.
  • 3)Light weight.The plastic itself is lighter, and its density is usually between 0.90-2.2. Since the pipe end cap plastic itself is also a relatively small part, coupled with the lightweight plastic material, it is extremely convenient in use and will not cause corresponding burden.
  • 4)Stable chemical properties.The plastic material has stable chemical properties and has strong corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis.
  • 5)Low thermal conductivity.The micropores of this material contain gas, which has good heat insulation, sound insulation and shock resistance.
pipe end cap

3.How to identify the pros and cons of pipe end cap plastic materials?

pipe end cap plastic
  • 1)Identification of plastic solvent treatment
  • Thermoplastics swell in solvents, but are generally insoluble in cold solvents.In hot solvents, some thermoplastics will dissolve, such as polyethylene dissolved in xylene, thermosetting plastics are insoluble in solvents, and generally do not swell or only slightly swell. Elastomers do not dissolve in solvents but usually swell.
  • 2)The density identification of plastics Different types of plastics have different densities.
  • The method of measuring density can be used to identify plastics; however, the foamed products should be separated at this time, because the density of the foamed plastic is not the true density of the material.In the actual industry, there are also plastics that use different densities to sort plastics.
  • 3)Identification of plastic appearance
  • By observing the appearance of plastics, it is possible to initially identify the major categories of plastic products: thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics, or elastomers. Generally, thermoplastics are crystalline and amorphous. The appearance of crystalline plastic is translucent, and only in the state of film is transparent, and the hardness varies from soft to horny. Amorphous is generally colorless, completely transparent when no additives are added, and its hardness is from harder than horny rubber (additives such as plasticizers are often added at this time). Thermosetting plastics usually contain fillers and are not transparent, such as transparent without fillers. The elastomer has a rubber-like feel and has a certain stretch rate.

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