How to Get Cheap IBC Ball Valves And Butterfly Valves Of High Quality?

At present, there are two popular tonnages IBC tank valve in China: ball valves and butterfly valves. For some users who use the ton barrel for the second time, the valve needs to be replaced frequently. How to choose the valve of the ton barrel correctly is very important to reduce the cost and ensure the safety of the solution in the ton barrel.

IBC Ball valves introduction:

The ball valve is a valve that uses a sphere with a circular channel as an opening and closing part, and the sphere rotates with the valve stem to realize the opening and closing action. The opening and closing part of the ball valve is a holed sphere, which rotates around the axis perpendicular to the passage, so as to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the passage. Ball valves are mainly used to open and close pipelines and equipment media.

The main advantages of the IBC ball valves are as follows:

  1. Suitable for frequent operation, quick and light opening and closing.
  2. Low fluid resistance
  3. The structure is simple, the volume is relatively small, the weight is light, and the maintenance is easy.
  4. Good sealing performance.
  5. Not limited by the installation direction, the flow direction of the medium can be arbitrary.
  6. No vibration and low noise.

The main disadvantages of IBC ball valves are as follows: Relatively high price

IBC Butterfly valves introduction:

The butterfly valve opening and closing part is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, which rotates around its own axis in the valve body, so as to achieve the opening and closing or adjustment of the valve is called the butterfly valve.

The advantages of IBC butterfly valves are as follows:

  1. The opening and closing are convenient and rapid, labor-saving, low fluid resistance, and can be operated frequently.
  2. The structure is simple, the volume is small, and the weight is light.
  3. Under low pressure, good sealing can be achieved.
  4. Good adjustment performance.

The disadvantages of IBC butterfly valves are as follows:

  1. The working pressure and working temperature range are small.
  2. Poor sealing

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