square plastic buckets with lids wholesale

Square Plastic Buckets For Sale

Square plastic buckets for sale are mostly used for the storage and transportation of various liquids. They have good characteristics for special dangerous goods packaging. They are not brittle, non-rusty, lightweight, etc., and have good oil and strong corrosion resistance. Packing of dangerous goods with thermal insulation, moisture resistance, pressure resistance, and corrosion resistance.

1.The material of square plastic buckets for sale: PP or PE

The two materials have the same characteristics: 100% pure raw materials, non-toxic, tasteless, food-grade materials, environmental protection, recyclable.

Differences: PE material, feels like wax, the square barrel made is shiner, strong acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, low-temperature resistance, but the surface is not smooth when touched by hand, the artificial silk screen printing effect is poor; PP material, slightly lower gloss than PE, more resistant to drop, more resistant to bending, high-temperature resistance, flat surface, screen printing can be completed. However, the low-temperature resistance is slightly worse. The transparent barrels are made of pure PP, which is easy to fall in winter.

Recommend different materials according to the different needs of customers, PP / PE materials, do not need to explain the materials to customers, and communicate with the factory.

  • Application of Square plastic buckets for sale:

The barrel body is made of food-grade materials, which can be used for packaging both food and industrial supplies (coatings, paints, glues, chemical reagents, laundry detergent, fertilizers, motor oil, antifreeze oil, etc.), liquid or solid packaging Anything.

square plastic buckets with lids wholesale

3. Details and features of Square plastic buckets:

a. The shape is square, it is not easy to roll after falling, the shape is exquisite, and it conforms to the western aesthetic design

b. There are two types of lids: easy-open lids and lids with sealing strips (tear-pull strips). Easy-open lids are suitable for customers who often open and close bucket lids, and are mostly used for storage; lids with sealed strips are suitable for internal packaging Goods, need anti-counterfeiting, transportation customers use. The sealing strip is disposable, anti-theft, and is mostly used by customers who sell packaged products. After the sealing strip is torn off, the sealing property is unchanged and can be used continuously. The inside of the cover can be provided with a sealing rubber ring, which can increase its sealing property, strong sealing property, and leakproof.

water culture square bucket for soilless cultivation hydroponic system
square plastic buckets with lids for sale

c. There are two types of handles, metal handles or plastic handles, which can be provided according to customer needs, and the price is almost the same.

d. Optional size: 2L-25L, both can be selected, 25L is a rectangular shape, no handle, please note when ordering, in order to avoid after-sale, 1L only has a transparent square barrel, the lid has scale display, there are small holes on the side Can only load dry goods, not tightly sealed, breathable

Capacity Size(Top*Bottom*Height)(unit:cm) Unit Weight(g) Handle Type
2L 15*12*21 130 Plastic
10L 24*21*28 620 Plastic
18L 26.5*23*36 950 Plastic
20L 27*23*37 1200 Plastic
* top diameters include lid ,height diameters exclude lid. *just popular capacity above ,other capacities can be customized.

e. Colors can be selected, red, blue, white, black, transparent, can be customized according to MOQ.

f. Production process: one-shot injection molding, smooth surface, no splicing and seams, no burrs, durable, long service life

g. The ribs are designed on the sides and bottom to reinforce the barrel body and enhance its load-bearing capacity. The barrel body is strong and wear-resistant. Generally, the thickness of the barrel is less than 5L, the thickness is about 1.8mm, 5L to 15L, and the thickness is about 2mm, 15L. Above 20L, the thickness is about 2.2mm

h. Drop resistance, impact resistance, can be stacked to 4 meters high after sealing, can be nested after opening the lid, save storage space, inform customers that all barrels will be carried out after production, drop test, pressure test, leak test, and load-bearing tests.

i. Printable: screen printing, thermal transfer, film inside

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