Square Plastic Buckets With Lids UK

Square plastic buckets with lids UK are very common products in life. And they own various applications, for example, can be used as grains buckets, fish tanks, storage buckets, ice-cream buckets, water buckets, and different type square plastic buckets pails have different designs. Next, let’s learn about something about square plastic buckets pails together.

square plastic buckets pails with lids and handles for sale

1.How are the square plastic buckets produce?

Raw material selection–Raw material coloring and ratio–Design mold–Machine breakdown injection–Printing–Assembly inspection finished product–Packing and send out of the factory

2. How about the materials and design of plastic square buckets?

  1. Raw material selection:100% pure raw material, PP or PE.
  2. Raw material coloring and ratio: use different color and pure materials for proportioning, good gloss, anti-aging, these products are commonly used in the food industry.
  3. Design mold: today’s plastic products are made by injection molding or blow molding, so every time a sample is designed, a new mold is opened. The mold cost generally ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Therefore, in addition to the price of raw materials for plastic products, the cost of the mold is also very large. For example, the square bucket is divided into a bucket body-a bucket lid-a handle,The lids can be divided into two categories(1) easy-open lids (2)seal strip lids. The handle can be divided into two categories (1)metal wire handle (2)plastic handle.

3. How about the manufacturing process?

a. Machine breakdown injection: the injection molding process is to inject molten plastic into a plastic product mold using pressure. Cool forming to get all kinds of plastic parts. There are mechanical injection molding machines dedicated to injection molding.

b. Assembly inspection finished product: After the processed parts are printed, they can be inspected and assembled to prepare for shipment.

4. Can you provide a printing service?

Yes, of course, printing is the beautiful appearance of plastic products, now there are 3 types printing for the square bucket, first one is screen printing, second one is a thermal transfer, the third one is in the film.

square plastic buckets nz

5. What differences between your square plastic buckets with others’?

1). Stack and palletize easily for shipping or storage.

2). Built-in hand grips for easy carrying.

3). Tear-tab lids protect contents, sold separately.

4). Made of molded, high-density white polyethylene.

5). Pails nest easily when empty. Easy to separate.

6). FDA compliant.

6. What are your square plastic buckets used for?

Plastic square buckets are widely used, for example, commodity packaging, packaging of agricultural and sideline products such as fruits, vegetables, and grains, seafood packaging, liquid transport packaging, etc.

7. If I want to buy different colors square plastic buckets, can I?

We provide customized colors service, such as red, pink, white, black, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple and customized as per demand.

square plastic buckets for sale

Now plastic square bucket models are becoming more and more complete,our company has the following models:

Capacity Size(Top*Bottom*Height)(unit:cm) Unit Weight(g) Handle Type
2L 15*12*21 130 Plastic
10L 24*21*28 620 Plastic
18L 26.5*23*36 950 Plastic
20L 27*23*37 1200 Plastic
* top diameters include lid ,height diameters exclude lid. *just popular capacity above ,other capacities can be customized.

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