Square Plastic Buckets Pails

20-litre Square Plastic Buckets

Compared with iron containers, square plastic buckets have the advantages of beautiful appearance, bright color, tough texture, high strength, impact resistance, clear product quality, easy handling and easy transportation. Plastic products have a long service life. The products meet the national inspection standards, and the plastic barrel style specifications can also be customized according to the requirements of customers. It is guaranteed to provide you with a packaging container suitable for you. When used, the plastic bucket is easy to stack, is stored, and is resistant to high temperature, frost and corrosion. Acid and alkali resistant for industrial liquids.

20-liter square plastic buckets are an important part of our lives and are widely used in life. The square plastic bucket can be seen everywhere in our lives. Our 20-liter square plastic bucket is beautiful in appearance, light in weight, good in strength, resistant to impact, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, and convenient for transportation. Applicable to all industries and families, plastic barrels are convenient for transportation, convenient for nested and stacking storage and transportation, and the whole process greatly saves space and saves materials. Lightweight, cold-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high-pressure resistant, reducing the environmental pollution.

The material of the 20-litre square plastic bucket is mostly blow molded and injection molded from plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Because it is non-fragile, non-rusting, light and so on, and has excellent oil and corrosion resistance, it is often used for packaging of dangerous goods that require heat preservation, moisture resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance.

Plastic buckets are used for the storage and transportation of various liquids and have good characteristics for special dangerous goods. Nested and stacking storage, weight, and canning, the whole process greatly saves space and saves materials. The plastic bucket is light in weight, cold resistant, corrosion resistant, reduces pollution, is super clean, and meets the requirements of medical testing. Not only is it easy to use, but it also has a beautiful appearance, which greatly expands its scope of application.

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