Uses of Plastic Tray Products

Plastic baking and drying trays are mainly used for drying food and baking in baking machines. Of course, they can also be used for freezing seafood or frozen food, and have a wide range of uses.


6 reasons to choose us:

-Injection molding: good air permeability, strong bearing capacity, not easy to deform, hollow and non-slip, thick and durable;

-Details: rounded corners, thickened corners, rounded and smooth, multi-channel reinforced design, overall firm and durable, not easy to deform;

-Mesh design: good breathability, protect the cargo, let the cargo be ventilated and breathable, and can be reused;

– Reinforcing rib design: The peripheral reinforcing rib design has the good bearing capacity, is not easy to deform, and is durable;

-Smooth and round The surface is carefully polished, smooth without barbs, with strong product stability and good protection performance;

– Bottom design: The bottom is thickened and the re-test reinforcement design is adopted, which can well enhance the load-bearing of the chassis and has a non-slip effect.

This product is made of low-pressure high-density polypropylene (PP) by one-time injection molding, with good gloss, good hand feeling and long service life.

Good skid resistance: The bottom of the tray adopts various anti-skid designs such as square reinforcing ribs, and the cold storage tray can run smoothly on the assembly line.

Flatness: When the plastic trays in the cold storage are used to store items, the temperature should be kept at about 40 °C. When used horizontally, the ground will be tilted to cause dumping; in addition, the trays can be stacked in layers, and the number of layers of plastic trays in the cold storage should be determined according to the weight of each tray. , should not be too high, otherwise, the tray at the bottom will become soft, thus affecting the service life of the plastic tray.

Several sizes are available to meet the different needs of the customers.

Product view about the plastic trays:

The second type is our newly launched type, with removable legs, they can save a part of the volume to reduce the shipping cost.

plastic tray
plastic tray

Show you the packing of the plastic trays:

Stacking together, wrapping films, and stacking them on the pallets.

plastic trays
plastic trays

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food grade plastic drying trays freezing trays

Application of stackable plastic drying tray

Available industries: suitable for various industries, fruit and vegetable industry (candied fruits and medicinal materials, tea, etc.) Food industry, clothing, and textile industry, electronics and electrical appliances industry, poultry and egg industry, ocean fishing and aquatic products industry, freezing and refrigeration industry, automobile bicycle industry, automobile industry.

Plastic Pasta Drying Rack Drying Tray

What are the advantages of the plastic tray produced by Qiming?

  1. One-time injection molding, no joints, smooth edges and no burrs, no hand injury during handling.
  2. Beautiful design, stackable, unique shape structure, raised design around the four feet, the position of the four feet is higher than other places, there will be a certain gap when stacked, it is convenient for air-conditioning to enter when used in the cold storage. At the same time, the product will not be crushed.There are certain card slots at the bottom of the four feet of the chassis, and the stacking stability is better. The height is relatively short, suitable for placing meatballs, seafood and other foods.
  3. New PE/PP material, food grade, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be direct contact with food. Strong impact resistance, durable, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, corrosion-resistant, resistant to most acids and alkalis, and moisture-proof.
  4. The design of ribs on the bottom and edges increases the load-bearing capacity of the tray, making the tray stronger and not easily deformed.
  5. Strong water permeability, easy to clean

Plastic drying trays can be stacked to save space


Some sizes of plastic drying trays

White Plastic Perforated Stackable Pasta Drying Tray

Why Choose Qiming Packaging Plastic Trays?

1.100% new PE/PP raw materials, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly, could be cleaned at high temperature, repeated use.

2. Fine workmanship, simple appearance, smooth surface, safe to use no burrs.

3. Rib design, make overall stronger, increase bearing capacity, longer service life.

4. The appearance is firm and durable, reusable, and can be stacked up to more than 10 layers.

5. Can stand -20°C-120°C, durable with good corrosion resistance to normal kinds of acid and alkali.

plastic drying trays
plastic drying trays

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Best 10 Tips For Plastic Tray

This multifunctional tray is suitable for various industries, fruit and vegetable industry (dried fruit herbs, tea, and other dry cold storage), food industry, textile industry, electronic industry, the egg industry, deep-sea fishing, aquaculture industry, refrigeration industry, auto bicycle industry, automobile industry and so on the warehouse, hardware products, high-temperature baking products.

1.Pasta  racking

Pasta refers to ‘kneaded dough’.Here in Italy, spaghetti is made with 100% Durum Semolina quality wheat flour and boiled good water. No coloring or preservatives are allowed, whether by hand or machine. In addition to the original noodles, other colorful noodles are made with vegetables and fruits, such as saffron noodles, black cuttlefish noodles, and egg yolk noodles.

When used as a pasta drying tray, it is clean and hygienic.Trays can be stacked to 50 meters to save a lot of space.

2. Seafood processing

Now a lot of seafood in the state of fresh seafood after fishing, the ship immediately processing, after the low temperature rapid freezing, the maximum extent to ensure the quality of seafood, after thawing, can present a fresh taste and full nutrition!

The tray can withstand temperatures of -40°c when used as a quick-frozen seafood dish.Maximizes the preservation of seafood fresh.

3.Other usages

This tray can also be used for instant frozen pastry, capsule making and other processing industries. It can also be used for drying scented tea.

4.Sizes available.

5 Color available : blue, yellow and white

plastic tray
plastic tray

6.Why choosing us?

plastic drying trays
plastic drying trays

New PE/PP material, food-grade, non-toxic and tasteless, can directly contact with food. Strong impact resistance, fall resistance, no deformation, no damage, durable, wear resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance

The materials are pollution-free and recyclable, using 100% raw materials with smooth surface and no burrs.

7.Unique design of the plastic tray

The new molds which the little corners can be taken off and packed separately have been made.

This way the shipping costs will be much cheaper.

Here is a photo.

plastic drying trays
plastic drying trays

8.The advantage of our company

Tangshan Qiming Trade Co., Ltd. 

known as “Qiming Packaging”, Qiming Packaging is a professional engaged in the research, development, sale and service of packaging and printing products. 

9.The advantage of our factory

Our factory owns professional injection equipment and blister equipment, and has tooled 108 kinds of molds to cater to different customer preferences.

10.Contact information

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Everything You Need To Know About Plastic Drying Tray

Plastic is one of the most popular and useful materials of modern times: we now use about 20 times more plastic than we did 50 years ago. Its popularity and widespread use is why handling it responsibly and correctly once it becomes waste is so vitally important. We can optimize the lifespan of plastics by reusing and recycling items as many times as possible.

Plastic Drying Trays
plastic drying trays

Here are some advantages of our plastic drying trays:

Eliminates metal debris contamination of flower

Increases drying capacity without increasing manufacturing footprint

prevents loss of product during transport

Is a lightweight and more cost effective alternative to stainless steel

Fits standard baking racks with an 18 x 26 perforated tray

Is made from food-grade plastic and is 100% recyclable

Available in any custom colour

Its approved all test and good for medicine, health supplement and food application, comply with the requirements from America FDA and EU 1935/2004/EC, NO.10/2011, 

It has the advantages of good ventilation, moisture exhausting fast and easy cleaning etc.

Its size is 760mm length x 490mm width x 35mm height (or 55mm height).

Holes on bottom softgel contact surface and around four sides for better air ventilation and higher efficiency drying.

Good for Veggie and Animal softgel both. Especially better for veggie softgel drying.

Good for big softgel and small softgel both.

Low cost, fast manufacture delivery time, professional cooperation.


Q: Dose your blister packing accept the customized product?
A: Yes, OEM service is available. We can make the products according to your size, design.

Q: What is your leading time ?
A: Normally ,it will take 1-2weeks.

Q: Can we order a sample to see the product quality?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: Are your company manufacturer or trade company?
A: We are manufacture. We have our own factory and molds

1. Raw material: food grade Plastics

2. Drying soft capsules and paint balls

Tangshan Qiming Trade Co., Ltd. 

known as “Qiming Packaging”, Qiming Packaging is a professional engaged in the research, development, sale and service of packaging and printing products. 

Our factory owns professional injection equipment and blister equipment, and has tooled 108 kinds of molds to cater to different customer preferences.

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