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Application of stackable plastic drying tray

Available industries: suitable for various industries, fruit and vegetable industry (candied fruits and medicinal materials, tea, etc.) Food industry, clothing, and textile industry, electronics and electrical appliances industry, poultry and egg industry, ocean fishing and aquatic products industry, freezing and refrigeration industry, automobile bicycle industry, automobile industry.

Plastic Pasta Drying Rack Drying Tray

What are the advantages of the plastic tray produced by Qiming?

  1. One-time injection molding, no joints, smooth edges and no burrs, no hand injury during handling.
  2. Beautiful design, stackable, unique shape structure, raised design around the four feet, the position of the four feet is higher than other places, there will be a certain gap when stacked, it is convenient for air-conditioning to enter when used in the cold storage. At the same time, the product will not be crushed.There are certain card slots at the bottom of the four feet of the chassis, and the stacking stability is better. The height is relatively short, suitable for placing meatballs, seafood and other foods.
  3. New PE/PP material, food grade, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be direct contact with food. Strong impact resistance, durable, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, corrosion-resistant, resistant to most acids and alkalis, and moisture-proof.
  4. The design of ribs on the bottom and edges increases the load-bearing capacity of the tray, making the tray stronger and not easily deformed.
  5. Strong water permeability, easy to clean

Plastic drying trays can be stacked to save space


Some sizes of plastic drying trays

White Plastic Perforated Stackable Pasta Drying Tray

Why Choose Qiming Packaging Plastic Trays?

1.100% new PE/PP raw materials, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly, could be cleaned at high temperature, repeated use.

2. Fine workmanship, simple appearance, smooth surface, safe to use no burrs.

3. Rib design, make overall stronger, increase bearing capacity, longer service life.

4. The appearance is firm and durable, reusable, and can be stacked up to more than 10 layers.

5. Can stand -20°C-120°C, durable with good corrosion resistance to normal kinds of acid and alkali.

plastic drying trays
plastic drying trays

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