Empty tuna cans with lids

Are you still looking for the empty tuna cans with lids? You need to know more about the tuna cans.

We have two types of tin cans, one is a tin can with lid and another is a tin can with bottom and top plastic cover. They are not the same and have different applications.

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The left one is the tuna can with top lid:

They are usually used for packaging pet canned food, tuna, fish and some other wet food, It can’t be sealed by itself, but need a sealing machine, we also call it 2 pieces can once be sealed, no leak, keep the food 100 % fresh.

The right one is the press it can:

This type of tin can are always used for packaging some dry food or some other dry, like the weed, the dry flower, dry fruit, the Medical marijuana, NO liquid, because it’s not 100% sealing, and you only need to seal it by hand to push the bottom into the can body, it can be hooked.

Besides, it has a plastic cap on the top, black or clear white.

Now it has been a very hot product, very popular around people because of its good features and smooth and beautiful appearance.

There are a lot of advantages to our empty tuna cans with lids:

1.Smooth inside and outside surfaces

2. Light-weight, high strength, using hard and durable material: tinplate or Tin-free Steel.

3. Smooth inside bottom without welding lines by using deep draw technique.

4. Easy to pour completely.

5. There are many hooks at the bottom.

6. It’s easy to put it in the body, and can’t be taken off easily.

7. At last no need the machine seal, just press is okay.

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