pressitin cans

How To Choose A Suitable Pressing Cans Wholesale?

QiMing Group is a professional packaging company. we are specialized in mental tin cans. We are a manufacturer in food metal tin cans.Our pressing cans are food grade.You can to hold some candy,cake,dried flowers, dried herbs. And you can be sealing them by your hands, It’s easy to seal.This saves your cost and time.If you are interested in our pressing can,please send us an inquiry.We will give your more details about our product.And we can provide free samples for your reference


pressitin can
pressitin can

1.Product Name: pressitin cans

2. Material: tinplate


4. Application: to hold some candy, cake, dried flower, dried herbs 

5. Customized Service: Labels/Stickers

6. Color: original color or customized color

7. Plastic Lid: white lid and black lid

8. Feature: good sealing

9. Logo: Custom label

10. Packing: Carton packing

11. Samples: Free Samples are available

12.MOQ: Our MOQ 1000PCS Normally

Our advantages:

  1. We can provide the best price and high quality.we have many years of export experience in this field.We have exported to many countries, such as Canada, the United States, France, Spain, Thailand, Mexico and other countries.Don;t worry the product quality.And if you went to test the quality,we can provide free samples for you.You just need pay the freight.And when we receive your formal order, the sample shipping cost will be returned to you.
  2. We can customized sizes and customized labels and stickers to make your products look more special.It can attract more customers for you.
  3. When you receive the goods, its bottom and body are separated. You can directly put your product in, and then seal it by hand. It is easy to operate and save time and cost.
  4. When you open it, the easy-open lid has been destroyed, but we have a plastic lid. If we want to use it again, we can seal it with a plastic lid so that it can be reused.

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If you are interested in our pressing cans and other metal tin cans, please send us an inquiry, we will give you the best price and high quality. please do not hesitate to contact us.

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