square plastic buckets for sale

Square Plastic Buckets With Lids Australia

Plastic squarer buckets have become indispensable for food production. Because of their cost advantage to other container types, square-plastic-buckets-with-lids-australia take in a pole position for industrial packaging. Plastic buckets are also indispensable for chemical-technical products. These plastic Rectangular Buckets are made of environmentally friendly Polypropylene (PP).

  • Standard colour: white,black,pink,green,orange,red,blue,yellow,purple
  • optimal warehouse and transport utilization via palette-sized dimensions
  • different carrying options: plastic-or metal handles
  • conical and stackable
  • for pasty and powdery solids
square plastic buckets with lids wholesale
square plastic buckets with lids for sale

Available with these characteristics of square-plastic-buckets-with-lids-australia:

  1. Within QIMING plastic bucket range are our square plastic buckets. Great for transporting due to their shape, more buckets can be placed on a pallet meaning lower cost on the carriage. Our square buckets also offer a larger display area when printing or labelling making them ideal for business use.
  2. Our square plastic bucket is manufactured from high-grade polypropylene (PP/PE) and comes with the option of a square white lid which can be selected from the ‘Choose your lids’ drop-down menu. It is a tamper-evident bucket and includes a plastic handle as standard. These buckets are great for storing and transporting goods as more buckets can be stored easily compared to traditional round buckets. 
  3. Why choose PP/PE as square bucket material at QIMING?

These two materials have the following advantages: ingredients are colorless, tasteless and non-toxic, high mechanical strength, acid and alkali resistance, strong impact resistance. Square bucket made of these two materials, with waterproof and moisture-proof, highly insulated, not fragile. Pure texture, make square bucket can put food directly. Square buckets made by PP material can be used at 110-120 ℃, not easily deformed, the square made of PE material can be used at -20 ℃, not easily brittle. Transparent square bucket made of PP material,with good gloss,high transparency,often used as LED champagne buckets at bars or Ice cream bucket in the supermarket.

nitht bar LED buckets

4. Variety of models of square-plastic-buckets-with-lids-australia:

Capacity Size(Top*Bottom*Height)(unit:cm) Unit Weight(g) Handle Type
2L 15*12*21 130 Plastic
10L 24*21*28 620 Plastic
18L 26.5*23*36 950 Plastic
20L 27*23*37 1200 Plastic
* top diameters include lid ,height diameters exclude lid. *just popular capacity above ,other capacities can be customized.

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