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Help You To Choose Suitable Plastic Collapsible Containers Of Good Quality

plastic crate
plastic crate
plastic crate
plastic crate

What is Plastic Collapsible Containers?

Plastic Collapsible Containers, i.e. turnover boxes and logistics boxes, can be folded for easy storage,widely used in machinery, automobiles, home appliances, light industry, electronics and other industries. It is resistant to acid and alkali, oil stains, non-toxic and tasteless, it can be used to store food, etc. It is easy to clean, easy to turn around, neatly stacked, and easy to manage.Its reasonable design and excellent quality are suitable for transportation, distribution, storage, circulation processing and other links in factory logistics.

plastic crate
plastic crate
plastic crate
plastic crate

How to choose Suitable Plastic Collapsible Containers Of Good Quality? And What Is The Advantage Of Plastic Collapsible Containers?

Plastic collapsible containers is a new type of plastic container with folding function, which is very popular in the plastic turnover box industry in recent years.

The plastic collapsible containers adopt the internationally popular folding method, according to the different folding methods, there are two folding methods: folding and flipping. The folding amount is only 1×4-1/3 of the direct volume of the group, which has the advantages of a lightweight, small footprint, and convenient combination. It is widely used in closed-loop distribution systems such as supermarket chains, 24-hour convenience stores, large-scale distribution, department stores, light industry, clothing, home appliances, and food processing.

plastic crate
plastic crate
plastic crate
plastic crate

Advantages of plastic collapsible container:

The folded volume is 1:5-1/3, which greatly saves the cost of logistics turnover and storage. Stackable design, assembly, and folding, stackable placement, convenient and fast transportation.European standard size standard: different sizes can be combined for stacking, and the whole process is placed with national pallets to avoid waste of pallet sizes. After folding, the empty box is returned, which saves cost and is convenient for loading. It can be reversed many times and is durable. Different parts were assembled and some of them were damaged. Only the corresponding parts need to be replaced, and the maintenance cost is low. The weight of the hollow board folding box is lighter than the ordinary rotating box, and the empty box is very convenient to carry when it is empty.

The plastic collapsible containers are rich in color and can be customized. When buying plastic folding containers, the most important thing is quality. The plastic collapsible containers must have a good load-bearing capacity, will not be deformed due to long-term deformation, and have a certain degree of toughness to prevent accidental impact from causing the box to break and damage the product. To have good physical and chemical properties, the plastic folding turnover box will not be deformed due to the high temperature in summer, not to mention the uneven plastic pallet will cause the box body to change. In winter or low-temperature environments, the plastic folding containers will not become brittle due to the drastic drop of the ambient temperature, so as to avoid damage.

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Plastic folding storage container basket crate box

Qiming packaging is a professional supplier of plastic folding storage container basket crate box, specializing in design, development, and sales of plastic folding crate folding basket. We focus on a series of fashion accessories, a wide range of diversity, reasonable prices, and on-time delivery. Welcome your inquiry to learn more on the plastic folding box.

collapsible plastic storage boxes

Features of the Plastic folding storage container basket crate box:

  1. Collapsible containers are foldable. Collapsible containers save external volume required during the transportation and logistics these containers collapse and reduce the cost.
  2. 100% new PE raw materials, or PP material, customized by the customer, non-toxic and tasteless, safe, and environmentally friendly, could be cleaned in high temperature, repeated use.
  3. the external reinforcement design makes it more durable and doesn’t easy to deformed, and the service life is longer.
  4. Thickened bottom design, smooth edges, can bear larger weight and non-slip, safe to use.
  5. For folding basket: Ventilation design, air holes are evenly distributed, meticulous workmanship, anti-metamorphosis, and convenient to observe the goods in the frame. For folding crate: It’s solid, no holes, can effectively prevent dust from entering.
  6. The plastic basket can be placed on top of each other, effectively avoid damage during transportation.
plastic collapsible storage bin basket

The global market for collapsible containers is witnessing a preferable choice for plastic material segments due to several features offered by the materials and flexibility in production capabilities.

Plastic folding storage container basket crate boxes are well suited for and widely used in supermarkets, transportation, storage,l, and some retail outlets.

Many of the manufacturers of collapsible containers focus on a high stacking ratio.

The global market for collapsible containers is witnessing a positive outlook in recent years and further is expected to grow above-average growth during the forecast period.

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plastic folding storage crates

Collapsible plastic storage boxes

Fruit and vegetable growers moving away from wooden crates to clean, lightweight and durable collapsible plastic storage boxes”

Plastic is not exactly in vogue at the moment but it does have its advantages in transportation and storage environments.

plastic folding storage crates

Plastic does not rot and can be easily washed after use in the fields or glasshouses. We have collapsible plastic storage boxes that can be folded for cutting down the space required for return transportation.

We have a variety of sizes and colors of crates are available which were exported to many American and European countries.

plastic folding storage crates

We stock the most common ones but can get any size or color made to order. Besides, we also have another type of folding crate, the folding basket with holes. Pictures as below:

how to fold the basket

those crates are fully recyclable and 98% is made from recycled plastic.

Application: Fruit and Vegetable Distribution, Warehousing Logistics, Deep Processing of Agricultural Products, Industrial Production Turnover, Home Acceptance.


Features of folding crate/basket:

plastic folding storage crates

1. Snap-in design

The endplates are equipped with a snap-on design that makes the crate more stable during storage and transportation.

2.Pin-type design

More robust than the tower button, structural strengthening!

3.Label Card Design

Label cards are added to the shortboard to facilitate the storage, sorting, and identification of later goods.

4. Folding design

After folding, the volume of the crate will be only 1/4 of the original volume. And can be placed upside down

5.100% PP material

Smooth surface, no burb, high-temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection, and hygiene.

Here is the size list:


Qiming packaging is a professional supplier of the plastic folding boxes, specializing in design, development, and sales of the plastic folding boxes. We focus on a series of fashion accessories, a wide range of diversity, reasonable prices, and on-time delivery. Welcome your inquiry to learn more about the plastic folding box.

collapsible plastic storage boxes

Plastic foldable crates

Plastic foldable crates are made of heavy-duty HDPE/PP plastic to prevent cracks and withstands years of high loads and abuses. Our plastic foldable crate are for multifunctional, portable storage anywhere it’s needed! The roomy interior is ideal for everything from holding vegetables/eggs/fruits to toting cleaning supplies. 

plastic folding storage crates
  1. Material: 100% PP pure material, high-temperature resistance, anti-aging, impact resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, eco-friendly.

2. Advantages and features:

*100% PP pure raw materials, food-grade, no harmful substances, can be in contact with food fruits and vegetables.

*It can solve the stacking of scattered debris well and save space.

* After the loaded parts are transferred to the customer’s designated warehouse and used, the empty box is folded and shipped back, which is convenient for returning funds and reducing transportation costs.

*Antistatic volume resistance 104-106Ω/cm2.

*The folding box is assembled and formed by several parts. The disassembly and assembly process is simple, and the parts are partially damaged. The parts can be replaced.

*Foldable and stacked, saving about 75% of space.

* The buckle design makes the folding basket more stable during storage and transportation.

* Wall thickness: The thickness of the upper and lower sides is generally about 1.5cm, and the surrounding is generally 2-4cm, which is very thick and strong.

*Stock is blue, other colors can also be customized.

*Can withstand temperatures from -2°to 120°

3. Uses: It is widely used, such as vegetables, fruits, seafood. Eggs, bread with packaging. Finished products and semi-finished products are used in the factory production line. Transfer and transportation of poultry on the farm.

4.  How to open it and fold it? Show you the steps:

Are you looking for plastic foldable crates? Qiming Packaging is a professional manufacture specializing in plastic trays, baskets, folding crates, etc. Have a special requirement on type or size? Contact us today at for a better solution now. We’d love to work with you together.

foldable plastic basket

Plastic Folding Basket

Plastic folding basket and plastic turnover boxes are made of HDPE (low-pressure high-density polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) with high impact strength as raw materials.

A plastic folding basket is widely used. It is convenient to assemble and disassemble, neatly stacked, and easy to manage. And Its are sturdy and durable, long service life can be recycled for a long time, more economical than disposable packaging. Due to its reasonable design and excellent quality, the logistics basket is widely used in the distribution, storage, circulation, and processing of transportation processes in factories, farms, and supermarkets.

foldable plastic basket

Qiming Packaging company plastic folding basket production process uses one-time injection molding, smooth edges without burrs, that effectively ensure the hands of the porter. Easy to fold and easy to operate, the folded volume is only 1/5 of the original, which can reduce transportation costs and occupy space. The bottom and sides have strong ribs, which makes the folding basket has a strong carrying capacity. The plastic folding basket bottom ribs can ensure that it does not slip off when stacked. The narrow bars on both sides of the rectangle have handles for easy access. The thickened frame design is not easy to deform during handling. The long columns on both sides of the rectangle have label insertion slots. It is convenient to mark and identify the types of goods. The customer logo (screen printing) can be sprayed on the frame or card slot. The folding basket has ventilation holes to facilitate air circulation and moisture leaching and vertical design of 90 degrees from top to bottom guarantee the largest space capacity.

collapsible plastic basket
plastic folding basket

Qiming Packaging company plastic folding basket has a different size to meet the needs of different customers:

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