plastic folding storage crates

Collapsible plastic storage boxes

Fruit and vegetable growers moving away from wooden crates to clean, lightweight and durable collapsible plastic storage boxes”

Plastic is not exactly in vogue at the moment but it does have its advantages in transportation and storage environments.

plastic folding storage crates

Plastic does not rot and can be easily washed after use in the fields or glasshouses. We have collapsible plastic storage boxes that can be folded for cutting down the space required for return transportation.

We have a variety of sizes and colors of crates are available which were exported to many American and European countries.

plastic folding storage crates

We stock the most common ones but can get any size or color made to order. Besides, we also have another type of folding crate, the folding basket with holes. Pictures as below:

how to fold the basket

those crates are fully recyclable and 98% is made from recycled plastic.

Application: Fruit and Vegetable Distribution, Warehousing Logistics, Deep Processing of Agricultural Products, Industrial Production Turnover, Home Acceptance.


Features of folding crate/basket:

plastic folding storage crates

1. Snap-in design

The endplates are equipped with a snap-on design that makes the crate more stable during storage and transportation.

2.Pin-type design

More robust than the tower button, structural strengthening!

3.Label Card Design

Label cards are added to the shortboard to facilitate the storage, sorting, and identification of later goods.

4. Folding design

After folding, the volume of the crate will be only 1/4 of the original volume. And can be placed upside down

5.100% PP material

Smooth surface, no burb, high-temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection, and hygiene.

Here is the size list:


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